Early Signs And Possible Causes

Early Signs

early signs of autism
early signs

John did not manifest early signs of autism not until he turned 3 yrs. of age. This is when I noticed some changes in his behavior which (I later learned) are typical of early signs of autism. His emotional outbursts became extremely difficult to manage. Although “tantrums” are quite normal for his age, banging his head on the floor in frustration is definitely not.

I found it increasingly difficult to control his emotional outbursts. It worried me more when he did not respond to his name and did not look at me when I was talking to him. He could not express himself at all when he was at an age when he should have been comfortably using 2-3 words phrases. Instead, he mumbled incoherently. The only words he could say were ‘Mama’ and ‘Dada’.

In addition, I noticed some odd gestures such as ‘hand flapping’ and a love for watching objects being blown by the wind. He didn’t play with his toys but lined them up in straight lines. He liked spinning objects and spun the wheel of his toy car with much excitement. He loved water play and was always eager to turn the bathroom taps on for fun. These behaviors he developed at 3 years. of age.

Possible Causes

Naturally, the reaction from any mother (I included) would be to ask yourself a thousand questions.

Why? Why him? Why us?

Did I do anything wrong whilst carrying him in my womb?capsule-158568_640

Did I take harmful medication during pregnancy?

Maybe I ate something that I should not have eaten?

Did the MMR vaccine I had whilst pregnant harm his brain?

Does Autism run in our family?

These and much more have run into my mind. The torment was terrible and, naturally, I diligently researched the causes of Autism and how to deal with it. Current research shows that increased metallic levels in the blood of an infant might be one of the causes of autism. I also discovered a website which proved very helpful. I hope it helps you.

I sincerely hope these insights have helped in some way, and welcome your questions should there be any.

Adel 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Early Signs And Possible Causes

  1. Hey Adel,
    You have a beautiful website and I have the utmost Deepest Respect for you. I appreciate you for creating this site to help people who have Autistic Children to find some answers and help. I have a friend who has an Autistic Child and it can be very difficult to find answers or help. I am going to refer them to your website. Keep up the great work.

    1. Thank you, Dale,for your kind words and for referring your friends to my site. It is indeed hard to find all the answers but through constant reading and research, I was able to find some ways on how I could help my son with his sensory problems. We just need to be able to go into their world and give them all the love and support that they need. They are just finding it hard to express their needs to words because of too much information going on in their brains and having problems processing it right away. They are highly sensitive to sights, sounds, touch, and smell so we need to be aware of these to enable us to help them effectively.

  2. Adel,

    Thanks for sharing the warning signs of autism with us. I just hope that you understand that what happened to your child was not your fault. It is just something that happened. It is a blessing to be able to share your experiences with others who may be faced with similar problems.

    1. Hi, Theresa. At first, I had partly blamed myself for what happened to my son. But I know there is a reason for everything. Why this thing happened. My son’s autism has been a blessing to me for it taught me how to be patient, persistent and to be more understanding. He is my strength and because of him, I am seeing life in a different perspective. I have learned to be grateful for everything in life. May it be big or small, good or bad there is always something to learn and to improve. This is the primary reason why I created this website because I want to share my experiences and ideas of how I was able to conquer the stresses and hardships of raising an autistic child.

  3. Adel, I knew, through a friend, of someone who’s daughter was autistic. This was many years ago and your site would have been fantastic for them.

    The daughter got so frustrated she had serious temper tantrums to the extent she would go for her mother with a knife (even at a young age). These fantastic parents did come up with a mitigating method of defusing these tantrums. This was a out of most parents reach, but they installed a swimming pool in their basement. At the first sign of emotional build up leading to a tantrum, one person would head to the pool with her following. Then they swam laps and she calmed down nicely. They had found a way to release her frustration by using energy.

    So much more is known now and your site is a wonderful channel to give this knowledge to those affected by autism. Keep up this good work. Cheers, Helen

    1. Thank you, Helen. It’s hard for parents who don’t have enough information to manage their autistic child’s emotional outbursts. I remember my son used to bang his head on the wall when he was a toddler. He used to do this out of frustration because he could not express himself. It’s hard for us to control him. I know toddlers have tantrums but not to that extent of hurting themselves. So, I have this thought that there was really something different about him. When he turned 5 yrs. old, I felt devasted but at the same time relieved, the moment we found out that he has autism.This was the time when we got all the help that we needed in managing my son’s behavioural and communication problems.

  4. I know several parents of austistic kids, and some of them swear that their beloved little munchkins changed overnight after a vaccination shot. Coincidence or cause? I don’t know.

    Although there is no ‘scientific proof’ that there is a link between vaccination and autism, I am very suspicious about the bias in medical research. Obviously there are many different factors that can come into play, but there is big money is vaccinations.

    Thanks for sharing on this very interesting and emotional topic.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Brad, for visiting. My brother and I have the same notion that there might be a possible link between the MMR vaccination and autism. Both of our children have autism. My nephew is in the severe form of autism than my son. The introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1998 in my home country was the time when my nephew was born. Then the following year was my son. My brother and I have noticed that there were lots of children diagnosed with autism who were born in these years. We did some research and found out that the Mercury in the vaccine might have been the cause. The Mercury might not have been filtered and excreted properly by the body through the urine. This might have harmful effects on the human body much more on the human brain. Hope the government will allow further research to be dome on this vaccine in relation to autism.

  5. Thanks for sharing this great information! My girlfriend’s niece has autism and I was able to also get some helpful information from the link you provided above. I’ll definitely share it with her so she can pass it on to her brother.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment. Please do help me in spreading autism awareness so that the public will understand that it is not a mental health disease but rather something that causes the brain to be wired in just one specific area. It could still be modified if one has a full understanding or knowledge of it. Please tell your girlfriend to visit my site once I have gathered all the contents for my pages. Will e-mail you once completed. It’s better to get a first hand information from a person who has undergone all the process of raising a child with autism. All the best!

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