Four Easter Holiday Activities Your Autistic Child Would Enjoy!

Easter is getting near! Have you thought about some Easter holiday activities for your autistic child? If not, I would like to recommend some Easter holiday activities which you and your child would enjoy doing together. It’s time to have fun!

Four Easter Holiday Activities Your Autistic Child Would Enjoy

1. Easter Egg Making and Hunting

Easter Egg Making is a great way of keeping your autistic child busy by letting his imagination and creativity shine! It also helps in strengthening his hand muscles with all the rolling and sticking that he will do thus helps him improve his fine motor skills.

Watch the video below! It will show you the steps on how to help your child in making Easter eggs. The things that you will need are hard-boiled eggs, food colouring and stickers for decorations.

It is absolute fun and a good way to bond with your child this Easter!

After making the Easter eggs you may want to do Easter egg hunting. If you have a back garden, you could invite your relatives and friends who have children to join you. Your child will enjoy this because he will be able to run around and search for the Easter eggs together with other children. This is a good way to practice his communication and social skills with his peers.

If you are planning to buy things for your Easter egg making and hunting, you may want to buy the following:

2. Watch an Easter Animated DVD at home

Watching an Easter Animated DVD at home is a great way to bond with your child and will also help your child to prepare for Easter. My son like to watch animated films about Easter especially films about Jesus.

I would like to recommend these two animated films which your autistic child would love and enjoy watching. The first film is about Jesus. This will help him to understand why we have to celebrate Easter and the reason why we have to pray and go to mass every Sunday.

The second film is about Easter Egg hunting and Easter Bunny. This will help him understand why we equate Easter with Easter eggs and bunnies.

3. Take your child to a leisure centre or a nearby park

Easter is the time of the year where you could spend more time with your children. It’s their half term break but if you are working just like me, you could take a time off so that you could spend quality time with your autistic child. You could take him to a leisure centre or a nearby park.

I decided to take my son to our local leisure centre to do a family circuit training. He loved it for he was able to exert all his energy by exercising in the gym with me. It helped toned his body muscles and has a relaxing effect thus calmed him down. This is good if your child has sensory issues just like my son.

You could also take your child to a nearby park where he could run around and play ball. If there is a playground, he can climb in a climbing frame, slide, swing or perhaps jump on a trampoline. These are all good for him because it will relax his muscles and help him to concentrate better on doing simple tasks.

 If you want to provide recreational activities at home for your child, you may want to click on this.

4. Go on an Easter holiday theme park

This year I decided to take my son to a Holiday Theme Park to spend Easter together with the entire family. I have a long weekend off and it would be great to spend more quality time by going on a holiday. We will go to Butlin’s this coming Easter weekend.

My son is excited and is looking forward to it because there are lots of activities for him to do and enjoy!  They have a Splash Waterworld where he could swim and slide in the waterslides. It also has a wave pool.

They have an entertainment area where he could enjoy watching musical theatre plays. He loves to listen to music because it makes him relax. And lastly, there are lots of children outdoor activities that will keep him active and busy all the time!

If you are in the UK and are planning to have an Easter Family Holiday break try going to an Autistic Friendly Holiday Theme Park just like Butlin’s!

Well, that’s it! These are the four Easter holiday activities that your autistic child would certainly enjoy.

How about you? Do you have any Easter holiday activities in mind? Please share your ideas by leaving your comments below.

Thank you!

Adel 🙂

2 thoughts on “Four Easter Holiday Activities Your Autistic Child Would Enjoy!

  1. Hey Adel

    In my country egg fights are very popular Easter tradition. Each family member picks one colored egg and beats the egg with some other’s egg till the moment all eggs are broken except for the winners egg. This is very fun especially for children.
    By the way I wanted to have a look at the stickers you have included in the article but there were no link added to the image – coudl you PLS add the link so I could have a look at the offer?

    1. Hi, Arta. That’s really a fun way to celebrate Easter. I think my children will love it as well. About the stickers, I have revised the image and have included the link with it, so you will now be able to check at the offer and it will just go directly to the site. All the best to you and your family this Easter holiday! 🙂

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