iPad Applications Help My Autistic Child Talk

iPad Applications Help My Autistic Child Talk

Since its introduction in 2010, many parents with autistic children overcome their struggles in helping their child to talk.

An Ipad is easy to use. Besides being compact, it is handy and has a touch screen keyboard which I found beneficial to my son who has speech and fine motor problems.

Autistic children are visual learners and the iPad is an excellent way of helping them to learn visually.  There are Autism iPad applications which you can download for free in iTunes. These could help your child develop his speech and language, social communication and lessen his behavioral and sensory issues.

The first thing I taught my son was to teach him different emotions of people. I downloaded this free iPad application, Autism iHelp – Emotions by John Talavera from ITunes. He enjoyed this application so much because it did not only taught him to differentiate different emotions through a variety of facial expressions but it was fun and interactive as well. He was able to learn easily all the different emotions and was able to apply what he learned in a real life social setting. This application is highly recommended for non-verbal autistic children.

When he was able to concentrate and learn the different emotions, I taught him how to develop his speech and language through this free IPad application from Tom Taps Speak – AAC for Kids by Seer Technologies, Inc.  He found this easy to use because it helped him chose the words that he wanted to say through pictures. He was able to express what he wanted to say without resorting to meltdown.

He developed his speech gradually and by the time he learned how to communicate, I taught him how to understand words and instructions through this free application from Autism iHelp – Comprehension by John Talavera.  The combined images and words helped my son understand simple instructions. He found this fun and enjoyable.

Another iPad application that my son enjoyed in order to build his language concept was Autism iHelp – Language Concepts by John Talavera   The images and words made it easy for my son to understand the questions being asked. It was interactive and easy to use. 

Whenever my son has a meltdown because of sensory overload, I always give him Sensory Magma by Sensory Apps Ltd. This IPad application used magma images that have a slow moving lava effects that change its color.  My son found this soothing and relaxing combined with music that he loved to listen to. There are free music apps that you can download from iTunes like Free Music – Unlimited Music Player & Songs Album by Weihe Mo  Try it! 

If you want to try some more  Autism iPad  Applications, I highly recommended these resources. You have to pay for some of them but if you think it could benefit your child, you can also download them.

So, there you are! I gave you all the essential Autism IPad applications that my son used when he was little and also some of the additional applications that I think would be handy for your child as well.

Just a reminder that some of these IPad applications could be addictive to your child so it is best to have a scheduled time for you and your child for learning activities. This should be fun and enjoyable for both you and your child.

What are you waiting for? If your child doesn’t have an iPad yet, I recommend you to buy him one.
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I hope you find this topic beneficial to your child. If you have any questions, clarifications or suggestions, please leave it in the comments section below and I will come back to you as soon as I can.

Adel 🙂

8 thoughts on “iPad Applications Help My Autistic Child Talk

  1. Hi Adel,

    It’s great to see that there are iPad applications to help autistic children. Learning for these children was so limited in previous years but now with technology, there’s so much more that any autistic child along with their parents can now have access to these applications.

    You provided great information here Adel. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes, there are lots of educational apps that are currently being used by school-age children as well as children with special needs specifically those with autism. You could easily download them but most are not free. The one that I have outlined are free to use and if ever you want to upgrade, you can do so by paying the required amount for each apps.

  2. Hello Adel

    I have found your review of the I pad applications, for an autistic kid, very instructive. I did share it on my social networks for friends and relatives who have an autistic child. I have put a link from my website to your blog as a reference for parents that I meet.

    Thanks for sharing your own experience as a parent of an autistic child.

    Cheers, Jeff

    1. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing my article in your social networks. It will help me in my mission to help parents cope with raising their child with autism. Linking this article to your site will be very helpful as well. All the best in your endeavors in helping children with autism! 🙂

  3. Hi Adel, thank you for sharing. It is truly inspiring to see how technology is used in meaningful ways like this to help improve lives. It is interesting to learn that autistic children learn better visually and all the apps that are out there that can help them.

    I write about technology, particularly meaningful technology and I was just wondering if you would allow me to post a link to your site from mine?

    Thank you

    1. Technology has a method in improving the way we communicate much more to children with autism. It’s good that they have come up with Ipad apps that help children to communicate and improve their concentration as well as their behavior.

      It’s good to hear that you own a website about technology. Thank you for your suggestion of linking my site from your website. It’s great to have more information about meaningful technology.

      Please e-mail me your link so that I could post it as well to my site by using the contact form provided below.

  4. Hello Adel,

    Personally, I have young nieces and nephews who are normal but are spoilt with procrastination. Reading your post here, I think it’s the parents who should be blamed for not having the right discipline. It has so much convenience in so many ways, in particular, developing characteristics like improving concentration as well as stress reliever in a right manner through soothing music. Mentioning music, it’s a nice for Apple to provide free music to help the disabled. Hats off!

    1. The Ipad applications that I have mentioned here are specifically to help children with autism and to help parents better managed their children when it comes to teaching their children how to talk and socially interact. It is to reinforce or supplement what they are already teaching their child. They should also limit the time that they are spending the applications with their child because it can become additive at times. The free music apps from iTunes can be used by other children as well. It is not specifically meant for children with autism only. I just want to make it clear. 🙂

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