Fun Halloween Activity ideas

Halloween is fast approaching!  It’s time to think of fun Halloween activity ideas that your pumpkin-151300_640autistic child could enjoy. Before you think of an activity make sure that you prepare your child way ahead of time. This will make it easier for both you and your child on how you could best celebrate Halloween.

Here are some fun Halloween activity ideas  that your autistic child could enjoy:

  1. Read together some Halloween books like  Halloween Is…Room on the BroomOne, Two…Boo! The Itsy Bitsy Pumpkin and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Mickey’s HalloweenThis is a fun way of helping your child understand the meaning of Halloween through pictures and words.  It also helps your child to communicate and socially interact with you through the pictures that he sees.
  2. Watch fun Halloween Movies like Nicktoons – Halloween – Tales of FrightRoom on the Broom and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (Remastered Deluxe Edition)Your child will enjoy watching these movies together with the whole family. It will help him to know what to expect on Halloween.
  3. Create your own Halloween themed crafts. Younger kids might like pre-cut shapes to paste on a pre-cut pumpkin shape. Older kids might prefer to trace, cut shapes, design, and colour pictures of spiders, witches, and pumpkins. They will love doing this and be able to see their creations for fun!
  4.  Make your own Halloween goodies. If you know how to bake, you and your child could make your own Haloween cakes and cookies. You can design whatever you want from spooky spiders,  pumpkins, witches and goblins cakes and cookies. Your child will be able to enjoy helping you out with the pouring and mixing of ingredients as well as making his own designs. Make sure that you buy gluten-free ingredients for your child.
  5. Allow your child to choose his own  Halloween costume. This will give him the opportunity to choose what costume he would like to wear. It could be his favourite Superhero Dress Up Costumes – 4 Satin Capes and 4 Felt Masks or onesie pyjamas or anything that he is comfortable to wear will do. You can even create your own Halloween design using old clothes that he used to wear before.  Remember your child has sensory issues and might feel uncomfortable wearing those costumes that might increase his sensitivity to certain textures. 
  6. Trick or treat. Allow your child plenty of time to practice walking with you in the late afternoon before it gets dark by going from house to house to knock and say, Trick or Treat! This will give him the opportunity to experience trick or treat without the fear of seeing bright spooky lights and hearing loud noises from every house because it’s  still daytime. Your trick or treat should be fun and enjoyable so if your child is having a meltdown it only means that you need to stop. He might probably be experiencing sensory overload.

So, there you are! These are some of the fun Halloween activity ideas that you and your autistic child could enjoy doing together.

My son, John enjoyed watching fun Halloween movies when he was a child but now he enjoys trick or treats!

How about you? Do you have any fun Halloween activity ideas that you would like to share? Please feel free to leave your ideas, suggestions, and comments below.

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