How Photography Captures My Son’s Interest

Photography is one area of art that I wanted to learn.

We have a DSLR camera that we always carry with us during our family holiday trips. I love taking snapshots of places and people. The beautiful sceneries, the historical and architectural landmarks amaze me.

Recently, I noticed my son’s excitement in taking photos whenever we go out on a family trip. Photography has captured my son’s interest. I think I have influenced him in a way every time he sees me taking photographs during our family holidays.

He likes taking photographs on his mobile phone to capture every image that fascinates him. Whether it’s the sea, the sand across the seashore, the crowd, the tall buildings and things that are full of colorful and bright lights or just plain historical landmarks are beautiful images that he sees around him.

These images bring him joy, love and make him calm. It has the same benefit as having an Art Therapy. He finds meaning in every image and reflects the beauty of life around him.

A camera can capture emotion in ways which the naked eye could not see. According to a Chinese proverb, “ A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words” in itself. This is true to my son because he finds it hard to express himself well in words. He could express himself clearly through images because this is the way I taught him when he was little.

Although he could communicate with me verbally now there are still times that he could not express himself clearly especially when he finds it hard to understand the words being said to him. I have to find another word or perhaps show him an image of the word that would best describe it so that he would fully understand the word.

So you see, images make more sense to him than words. Every image that he captures through the camera of his mobile phone has a deep connection to the emotions that he feels at that very moment. You can tell if he is happy or not, just by looking through every photo that he captures. It transcends the realm of his imagination and could vividly see every detail in every image that he shoots.

These random photos are photos that he had taken during our family day trips. I have modified it a bit to capture its essence.




How about you? Does your child like taking photos? What do you do to encourage him?

Please leave your comments and suggestions below. I would love to hear from you. 

Adel 🙂

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