Recreational Activities

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recreational activities

Creating recreational activities for your autistic child will help minimise his sensory problems as well as help him improve his fine and gross motor skills.

Every autistic child has different needs and it is up to us, as parents to find the right recreational activities that our child would love and enjoy doing.

Having a variety of fun leisure activities will help him reduce his anxiety, inappropriate behaviour and develop his fine and motor coordination. This will also enhance communication, social interaction, and creative thinking.

My son, John loves a variety of recreational activities that involves his senses, fine and gross motor coordination. He loves a variety of toys to touch and to play with as well as toys that will allow him to exert his energy.

Here are just some of the recreational activities that John enjoyed doing in which you and your child could also enjoy doing together inside and outside your home. I listed it according to its function and its benefits.

Gross Motor Activities

These activities are a good way of helping your child to get active. It involves exercise that is good for their physical, mental and emotional well-being. The repetitive movements that it allows,  decreases your child inappropriate behaviour and improves his motor coordination.

Since a lot of children enjoy walking, running, jumping,  bouncing, and swimming, the following equipment, may be useful at home especially if you have a back garden where your child could happily play.

You could also find some of these at a nearby park where your child could play alongside with other children.  This will allow him the opportunity to be with other children and will help him to socially interact in the long run.

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Sensory Motor Activities

These activities allow your autistic child to play using his sense of touch, sight, smell, and hearing.  It allows exploratory play helping your child to know the cause and effect of things.

It also allows creativity by teaching him how to create things using different media. The following toys will enhance his sensory-motor coordination.

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Board Games and Card Games

These are games that you and your child could enjoy playing together. It is a good way for your child to know how to take turns and to socially communicate and interact with others. Below are some of the board games that you could play together.

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Books and Musical Activities

Book reading could be fun for your autistic child if it has images or pictures on it. It helps your child to read and at the same time to communicate with you.

Musical activities allow your child not only to play musical instruments but to sing along with you. Nursery rhymes that are accompanied by music or action songs are fun and enjoyable. It helps your child to socially communicate with ease.

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Television, notebooks, and Ipad applications are helpful devices that will teach your child how to communicate. If your child is non-verbal, there are Ipad applications which are free to download that would teach him how to communicate.

There is also an Ipad game applications that you could also download for free. Your child will find this enjoyable and as part of his daily routine recreational activities.

Spending a lot of time in computer and Ipad game apps will only isolate him instead of helping him to communicate so, you need to provide a time for his Ipad play activities.

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These are all the recreational activities that I found useful for my son, John. They are not only fun and enjoyable but it has helped him with his sensory, communication and fine and gross motor development.

If you have any questions or suggestions about recreational activities, please feel free to leave your comments below and I will come back to you as soon as I can.


Adel 🙂

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